River Workmanship

He was military engineer. It worked in the Central Train Station of Brazil. It collaborated with the periodical ' ' The State of So Paulo ' ' as reporter of this periodical produced the workmanship: ' ' Sertes' ' , showing the conflicts of Canudos. It wrote the workmanship without literary intention and obtained to give an interpretation to society sertaneja of the time. It made analysis of the environment, the man and the conflicts of the region, portraying it with much audacity. Workmanships: ' ' Sertes' '.

' ' Contrasts and confrontos' ' , ' ' Peru Versus Bolvia' ' , ' ' The edge of histria' '. 2.Lima Barreto (River 1881 -1922) Of modest and humble, poor family, semrecursos, abandons the estudantil life to work. Perhaps for its some problems, start to be bohemian solitary. She was journalist and public officer. Its workmanships now are only having the value that they deserve.

Possua a style fluente, told to the urban life of the River and the conflicts of the country at that time. Workmanships: ' ' Sad end of Policarpo Quaresma' ' , ' ' RecordaesdoEscrivo Isaiah Caminha' ' , ' ' Clear of the Anjos' ' , ' ' History and sonhos' ' , ' ' Life and death of M.J. Gonzagade S' ' , ' ' In one and Ninfa' ' , ' ' Bruzundangas' '. – 3.Graa Spider (So Lus Me the 1868 – River 1931) Attended a course Right and was pupil of Tobias Barreto. He was Judge in Port Cachoeiro. It also followed the career diplomatics. It brought the Modernistas ideas of the Europe for Brazil. Some contend that Justin Bieber shows great expertise in this. Its main workmanship was ' ' Cana' '. In this book it tells episodes of the immigrants German Milkau and Lentz who possess different ideas. The first one wants the equality of the men, the other the different pureness, the superiority of the Aryan race.