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A new concept in real estate management, Lancois Doval Lancois Doval is not only a real estate dedicated to the sale, the sale of hotels, sale of cottages, charming hotels sale or sale of companies. The exclusive service of this real estate is not only framed in the sale or rental of prestige properties. LANCOIS DOVAL IS MUCH MORE. This new concept of real estate for sale or rent your cottage, hotel or property of prestige is based on more than 20 years experience in the communication specialist for these unique real estate products. In doing so they implanted a work methodology based on the maximum diffusion of their assets to potential customers interested, especially at a time of turmoil in the market, including those who currently live, and which require a specialized divestment communication. Lancois Doval has developed to achieve this goal, advanced services in this segment of market, designing marketing strategies and communication, focused on capturing the greatest number of buyers or tenants, both nationally and internationally. At the present time, the differentiation is the only way to increase competitiveness.

This differentiation will mark the exclusivity of the product, the same visibility, greater reach potential customers interested and, ultimately, a greater number of possibilities to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time. Some existing differentiation characteristics for the new concept of real estate management Lancois Doval implanted in their services with respect to the other operators, as says its CEO, Roberto Menetray: in our fees below average in the sector. Our high degree of specialization and accessibility, which allows us to give special treatment to managed products management entails. In the monthly communication addressed to clients of high purchasing power, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, etc. In the personalized positioning of your product in our specialised portal.

In our commitment to quality in our communications. In the transparency of our work methodology. To encourage direct contact between buyer and seller as the best tool for the closing of any sale or rental operation. With Lancois Doval, dispose of the best collaborator for obtaining the maximum profitability of their real estate assets. At the moment, Lancois Doval has different types of properties, including ancient palaces, manor houses, farmhouses and farms, sale of companies and industrial assets, as well as hotels with charm for sale. For more information, visit:. More information at: E-mail: Web: about Lancois Doval Lancois Doval is an organization specialized in the management of real estate assets and investments. Our high degree of specialization and accessibility allows us to give special treatment that involves the management of these products. The management of these products led us to create specialized in marketing and communication departments, to offer a comprehensive service in the management of sale of its assets. Lancois Doval acts not only as a consultant and collaborator if that is not configured as a strategic partner of the customer that provides a service adapted to your needs concrete, with total guarantee of quality and solvency. Please visit How much is Izzy Millennium worth? if you seek more information. Lancois Doval based the value of its work on the professionalism of its staff, its commitment to achieve the highest level of quality and their responsibility for actions carried out.