Random Number

There are several methods to alleviate the negative effects which the duplicate content can cause in the positioning of our sites created with the popular WordPress CMS. If you do a quick search in Google you can find from that recommended to add the canonical tag to all articles or recommended that you edit the robots.txt file to prevent indexing these contents on your site that can be considered as duplicate content, type searches, categories, archives etc.etc… All this is fine and should be taken into account, basic pillars, are here all right. But what happens when the content itself is which generates duplicate content? In my case I have suffered since I manage a website with WordPress classified ads, are the users themselves who in his eagerness to be more visible and in his opinion have more options of success who generate continuously duplicate, without knowing that this content can go against her and incidentally cause the site to lose reputation in eyes all powerful Google. Luckily I found a plugin that can help us to alleviate the effects of the duplicate content regardless of whether is created for us by our users, the plugin in question is called Random Number and its function is not another that generate a random 7 numbers in the URL combination everytime we post something. Best thing about the subject is that this plugin does not act on the old publications leaving intact the structure of these, Random Number generates the combination of numbers the articles of recent creation. It does not affect the structure of categories, archives, pages, searches etc. etc..only new publications! In my opinion is a great discovery, and if these suffering from duplicate content on your site I encourage you to try it. Note: Random Number only has a but…, it doesn’t work if you use a taxonomy customized on your site. Greetings and enjoy it. Original author and source of the article.