Protection Of The Constitution In Germany

The significance of V men fear has resulted from terrorism and extremism in Germany. The latest crime series was mainly the work of the protection of the Constitution in the focus. Here, attracting so-called V-men provides material for discussion. These are not officers of the protection of the Constitution, but used for the surveillance of anti-constitutional organizations. The Internet portal reported about the pros and cons of the informer strategy. In the policy, the term to read V men are often is news.

But what do the V-persons actually? And what sets them apart from undercover investigators, who also work for the protection of the German Constitution? The acronym V-person derives from the Latin word for vigilance (vigilantia). In the middle ages, night watchman were referred to as vigilante. V men must be also very attentive. Finally, information burden them in the own districts to collect and pass on the protection of the Constitution. V men are in contrast undercover investigators no civil servants, but only criminals or people with appropriate contacts to anti-constitutional connections.

The protection of the Constitution has these employees as freelancers. There are no reliable sources about the wage of V men. High money and success fees are however common. The concept is precisely because of the good pay in the public criticism. Finally, the protection of the Constitution cannot be sure that the funds do not fall into the wrong hands. To ensure the honesty of the V-men, a network of informers is built in the course of time. Currently about 300 V persons for the protection of the German Constitution to work, a third of them in the National Democratic Party of Germany. More information: policy /… GmbH Lisa Neumann