Private Forest Owners Can Order Propagating Now Online Your

Forest plants mail order for fast-growing innovative forest owners can get online in the future directly from the forest nursery your young plants. offers the opportunity to do so for the first time. The shop includes year-old seedlings of the especially fast-growing tree species 1-2 Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and European Larch (Larix decidua). Also, the seed of the Douglas fir for sale is offered. Due to their many positive properties, the Douglas fir represents an interesting alternative to the spruce. She characterized (up to 50% higher than spruce or FIR) by very high growth performance, also she defying storm, drought and insect feeding.

The seedlings come from a recognised by the State forest nursery in Saxony-Anhalt and comply with all requirements imposed on forest plants and seeds. The plants grow in the container and shipped with root ball. Unlike the naked root plants, container plants can be planted all year round in the frost-free period in the vegetation period. In addition, the so-called Pflanzschock is avoided. Plants with root balls are preferred for complex sites, such as the mountains, on a hillside and clearcut areas. The offer is interesting especially for small forest owners, which can cover themselves due to the low order quantity directly in forest nurseries. With just a few clicks, the young plants are delivered within a few days at home. To test the offer, there is the way to request sample Pact of 30 plants. The offer, see