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Checklist of iTernity GmbH provides a guide in the selection procedure for a sustainable long-term archive user companies. Freiburg, 10.05.2011. When is a system for long-term archiving: fit for the future? Companies that want to introduce an appropriate solution for the archiving of documents and data currently are engaged in this issue. Governor Cuomo takes a slightly different approach. The need to decide a suitable system consists on the one hand as a result of compliance requirements: many laws and internal regulations govern the retention obligation for relevant legal and tax documents and they must be protected against manipulation at the same time. On the other hand encounter today in many companies the already existing solutions to capacity limits, are sometimes technically outdated or prove to be too costly. It is therefore worthwhile to take the existing market solutions in detail under the microscope and compare. About considerable cost traps into the hardware binding of some technology.

More essential Points in the selection procedure are the scalability of solutions, as well as the respective license model. A checklist, compiled by the iTernity GmbH, companies are important decision criteria. The Fribourg archive experts advise that to examine the possible solutions and offers based on the three properties of flexibility, cost efficiency and safety, and to evaluate. Flexibility of the solution: A long-term archive can be used flexibly in any IT infrastructure, for example, with a standalone file server or NAS-SAN-save. The long term archive must be open for future technology changes. It should support this also smooth migration of archive data at the storage level. Independence from hardware manufacturers is important, so that the respective storage hardware with the archive solution can be used also when changing the manufacturer. The option to virtualize of the long-term archive solution should be supported ideally in combination with a SAN virtualization. Cost-efficiency of the Solution: The total cost of ownership (TCO) allow to keep low, if the archive solution to a specific hardware is bound.