Pixlr Express

And I have remained surprised when solving this subject right away with Internet and without needing installing no photographic edition program. What I did went to load the photo to Internet, modifies the photo (tapeworm that to change of size and to put a text to him) it keeps and it in my ready USB and. All this I made in minutes with the page Web Pixlr.com, with which there is no the necessity to register itself, we only entered the page Web and it provides several basic options to us to quickly publish our image with functionalities like cutting, redimensionar, to clarify, to darken and endless of options and basic filters to publish to the step our photos or images with the publisher of photos online. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Inclusively it has the option to publish archives in format PSD, that is the native format of Photoshop. Obvious Pixlr as a publisher of photos online does not have all the powerful functionalities that can have a program of professional photographic design, but solves immediate changes in images when we do not have at the hand a publisher installed in our computer. Pixlr has 3 facilities for the edition of photos online: Publishing Pixlr: visually very similar to Photoshop and we say is the version outpost of this site.

It has handling of layers or layers. It allows to keep the designs in its native format with extension PXD. Pixlr Express: with basic very concrete tools and for a fast and efficient edition of our photos or images. Pixlr Grabber: it has 2 options like publisher of photos online, one to settle in our computer and other to settle like an extension of Firefox. Both options allow us to publish quickly any image, always using like publisher the page Web Pixlr. Before use Pixlr, observes other applications of edition online of photos but always it found that it had to register to me, sometimes with delay in the load of the application or worse still, the load of small images took too much.