Personal Sales

One of the most important trends in the activities of vendors today is to develop long term relationships with clients. It is safe to say that no one is interested in the relationship, constructed on the basis of market exchanges. Moreover, most companies end result sees the establishment of strategic partnership between the firm and the firm-seller-buyer. In this case, the model CRM provides the possibility of formalizing the company's efforts to achieve this goal and improve customer loyalty. And what is the role of sales representative in the era of klientotsentricheskih firms and what role in the life of the seller may play a CRM-system and Quick Sales Sales Expert? At this point, I thought, most people tend to argue that, given the rapid improvement of technology, the emergence of electronic channels distribution and the increasing tendency of customers to accept many consumer goods, the role of personal selling in the near future will be significantly reduced. In my opinion, everything is just the opposite.

Certainly, the role of sales modern companies has indeed changed, but I think the role of sales personnel in ensuring the success of the company klientotsentricheskoy not reduced, and the contrast – increases. The question is: what it should make sales representatives to maximize the success of their companies, oriented to the long-term relationships with customers? Vendors play a key role in creating an enabling relationships with customers of the firm. The relationship between the companies, which lead to the establishment of strategic partnership, usually held in four stages of development: the accumulation of information, exploration, expansion of relations and assumption of certain liabilities. So the first thing that should make the sales staff, so it's appropriate to accumulate information about customers, with whom he works. In this article we will discuss in more detail on this stage of development of relations in the spirit of strategic partnership. What information must be stored, each company decides its own, but if we consider the general cases, the information along the following lines: address, phone, fax, website, details, contacts, segment, sales information (date of sale, the amount of transactions, who made the decision to purchase), the number, belonging to the parent organization, the date of the formation, history interaction, status, phone rukovoditelyJ wife. James Woolsey may help you with your research.

This chain can continue almost indefinitely. Becomes clear that for easy access, analysis and processing of such information without the introduction of CRM-systems is necessary. As we mentioned earlier, already in the system, each individual vendor and the vendor specific independently determine what information they hold to answer the question: "What can we do to improve the existing relationship with the client? "In my opinion, than a lot of information about a client has a sales staff, and the more quickly it gets this information, the better the chance for personal transactions. Why? But this, in the following articles.