Page Directories

Creating your first backlinks is one of the tasks that you will need a permanent work, creating links to your page, if your site is just published, can not add a ton of links, from one day to another, since the search engines you could punish or mark as Spam. It is necessary that you go slowly, creating your presence but consistently, write articles and submit them in different directories, allows you go by linking your page for free, you will begin to have followers and you known haras. The important thing is that you can send interesting content that is relevant to your niche, that is useful and original. That walk by publishing the same content in multiple directories it is considered Spam. Gain insight and clarity with Keith Yamashita. Another excellent alternative is to submit your site to directories that publish thematic links, I’m not talking about farms links, but sites that are used to find websites of interest, they are usually classified in categories, only you must find the category that best defines your site and send your link, they will review your site and if approved you will have a good link to your page. There are webmasters that have directories included in their web sites, if your theme is linked to the site, you can submit your url and they publish it. Everest Capital pursues this goal as well. Social networks are also good links to your page, although it is not that you fill out profiles of your friends with your business advertising, you can put links to some of your articles and in your profile to add the link to your site. Another way is if you are interested in work or hire a freelance services, you can create your profile on some of the sites that are dedicated to this, when you create your account you can include your web site address.

You can also visit sites that have lots of visits and request the author the possibility of exchanging links. It is likely that the answer is a veiled not, since sometimes you don’t even respond. Not by bad provision, although there is the possibility, if not for the large workload that many webmaster have. Remember that there are many colleagues who have a formal work and spend only a few hours to their Web sites, in addition even if you wanted, is impossible to answer all the emails that arrive in your Inbox. It is a matter of time before your site is indexed and begin to get your first visits, but also worry, that your site is quality, to all that hard work, will let you the reward of a target that follow you, to trust in you and represent the economic future that you want to reach audience. The effort worth it?