Packaging Industry: Questions And Answers

Packaging industry – a multi-faceted economy, within which solved many problems and issues ranging from development of new packaging materials to study the impact of packaging on the environment. Packing is one of the most important tools to attract customers to the product. In an interview a year ago after ROSUPAK-2009, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president, said: "We must deal with packaging, because when you come into the store, look, often – before, anyway, so it was – foreign goods looked better. Now, it is our packaging are pretty decent Here in these areas (good line packing, packaging), if we pay attention to this, everything will be fine "Why in a country like Russia, with huge areas and resources, minds, packaging industry lags far behind other developed countries? After all, in fact, in our country there are just a few plants to produce raw materials for packaging materials. And besides, this Russian raw materials, we finally obtain the so-called packing "Uneven quality". The reason for this, I think, is the shortage of competent professionals engaged in the manufacturing of packaging products. If you are skilled professionals – will produce consistent quality! How do we solve this problem, Mr President? Maybe invite some experts from Europe and Malaysia, to show us how and what to do packaging? After all, for anybody, no secret that all news from the completed package to the technology of its production, comes to us from there!