Oligopolies Monopoly

The pioneer patent will invigorate for the stated period of 20 (twenty) years and of model of utility for the stated period the 15 (fifteen) counted years of the date of deposit. Only paragraph. The validity stated period will not be inferior the 10 (ten) years for the pioneer patent and the 7 (seven) years for the patent of utility model, to count of the date of concession, excepted the hypothesis of the INPI to be hindered to proceed to the merit examination of the order, for proven judicial pendency or reason of bigger force. the State or Institucional Monopoly, this is when the State is responsible for the supply of a good or service, Petrobra’s is an example. The monopoly situation generates damage mainly for the consumer whom if it sees without exit in being able to choose for marks or different companies to consume.

But it is the responsible State for mediating these relations, and it can make a economic control of the monopoly, controlling prices and with valuation politics. 2,1 Oligopolies while it forms to monopolize The origin of the term oligopoly, also Greek, means ‘ ‘ to vender poucos’ ‘ oligos (few) and polens (to vender), are a type of evolved monopoly, where a bigger number of companies exists – but generally they do not exceed the number of ten (10) that it withholds the control of prices in the market, does not have competition between them as for the valuation of prices, is the propaganda that makes the difference in the sales of the products of each company. Few companies dominate the market, due the existing barriers or the cost of the competition not to compensate, the substitute products is next, does not have very great differentiation between them, it promotes the domain of definitive offers of goods and services..