Offices Plants

Green oases in the area give the eye the man the best can run up a place to rest only in an ideal working atmosphere. Where he feels, he unfolds his creative potential. Green plants contribute significantly to the perfect indoor climate. And they increase not only the efficiency. Studies have shown that space greening prevents also typical Office complaints:-skin irritation Green offices 23% return, dryness in the throat by 30% and cough even by up to 37%. -In a study, even the sick one-third could be reduced by correct workplace planting. The green lung for eye and soul plants represent an almost indispensable element of room design: green oases in the area give the eye a place to rest.

Professionally maintained, they are also a business card of the company. The hydro plants GmbH from the Neu-Isenburg South of Frankfurt specialises in space and greening of the object. Numerous companies in the Rhine-Main region have rooms of the Indoor gardeners in thriving offices”turn leave. In addition, Hydroflora provides more than just the right plants: A wide range of high-quality designer plant containers in many styles perfectly completes any Office equipment. The range includes also selected water objects, ensuring the correct humidity and create a soothing background noise with their gentle clucking. The holistic approach of hydro flora begins hand-in-hand with architects and interior decorators of course with competent and comprehensive advice on request also in close cooperation with your interior designer or interior decorator. And the work does not end yet long, if the plants are set up.

“Consistent professional care guarantees, that the piece of nature in the workplace” prospers magnificently in the future. The equipment of the model offices in the prestigious object Palais Quartier was a new opportunity for Hydro flora, to prove its own performance. The representative and generous Offices represent a design challenge in the middle of the city of Frankfurt, which is really the heart of the new Isenburg green specialists. And even the financing for space and object greening Hydroflora offers various financing models, will meet all the customer’s individual needs. Hydro plants GmbH Hydroflora sees itself as an innovative company with the experience of two generations. the company is founded in 1968 since 1995 headed the second-generation, Kai-Uwe Funk and Matthias beer. This combination of proven and new ideas make us unique and flexible. We want to reinvent the wheel we tried to improve, accept new and ensure a constant topicality of our expertise as well as our product selection.