Novus Ordo

V2 – non-Catholic communities “means the” Salvation”can be, why should you receive the Catholic sacraments / store? 3. no original sin – no sacrifice of the cross – no sacrifice against the “Novus Ordo missae”, the so-called “neue Messe”, concerns have been expressed very early. The so-called “Ottaviani intervention” is one of the most famous versions maybe: the short critical study of the new “Ordo Missae” of 1969, which among other things written by the later Sedisvakantisten Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga and Michel Louis Guerard of des Lauriers and Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani at Giovanni Battista Montini (known as “Pope Paul VI.”) has been redirected. Mind you: In this study are still not the whole typical “Novus Ordo” Zarco as “Carnival fairs”, “Rock masses”, “Theatre test”, “Western fairs”, “World Youth Day” etc etc into account. They are more, but only developments of the V2 core but nothing really new. 4. the addressee of the signature action Christoph Schonborn was Secretary of the Commission for the so-called “Catechism of” Catholic Church”/”Catechism”; Joseph Ratzinger presided. Schonborn is one of the most significant widening of the V2 heresies Schonborn activities at the “liturgy” in the “youth church” Vienna include such under the heading “Light on earth” – hell on Earth in the archive by (10/2005)-documented.

5. the end of an illusion is typical for the V2-religion, the V2 liturgy and Christoph Schonborn the Western fair. While there are so-called “conservatives”, who believe that V2-religion and Catholicism were the same, and spectacle as the “Western fair” were only almost “Abuses”, “Slips” or similar; This illusion of “conservative” has unfortunately also available. up in 1994 still clamped (1995-Sedisvakantist). Thus, this petition against the Western fair in fact to do so, to support the illusion of V2 is used. Alternatively, you could put an end to this illusion and leave the V2 group. Fr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Crawford Lake Capital Management. Rolf Hermann Lingen