Northern Africa

On Tuesday, January 4 in the morning will be the darkest that was taken in the winter. It is why that a partial solar eclipse will happen if time is allowable, it will be partial because the moon does not clog the totality of the star King. It will address in Spain, as well as throughout Europe and the East of the India. During the phenomenon the Sun will become a piece of light, will be from the 8.19 hours, at dawn, will be when the Moon cover star from the perspective of Earth. According to astronomer Ricart houses indicates the phase of maximum concealment, not total, occur to the 8.58 hours and the eclipse will end at the 10.18 hours houses explains that being such an early hour, which are in the eastern part of the country will see the eclipse more clearly than in the West of the peninsula area, that is made of day later. Also indicates that there will be no just the difference of light, precisely because to match the output the Astro the clarity of the day is not complete and the Sun is still very low on the horizon. As you’ll see the eclipse in the rest of the world in England this eclipse will be at its peak at dawn, 75 percent of its diameter will be covered, gradually will emerge over the next hour and 20 minutes. Near dawn in Paris and Berlin will be 80 percent covered. East Sun is a little higher in the sky when the eclipse reaches its maximum, for what will be a 67 per cent covered in Atenas.tambien will be visible to Northern Africa and Western Asia. It is worth commenting that it will not be visible to the American continent. Remember to use special glasses that the Sun should not be seen directly.