Navigation Device Garmin Nuvi

Safe guide to the desired goal of today is a device with GPS standard for each major trip for most people. Road maps have long served out in many families. The online Department store introduces the navigation device Garmin of Nuvi 1450 T, which can definitely score despite reduced facilities. Who is a navigation device that is new and not too expensive to buy, should look at the Garmin of nuvi 1450T. In contrast to the original device Garmin Nuvi 1450T per the otherwise standard TMC and Bluetooth is missing the slightly cheaper model.

For the slimmed-down version from 60 euro is available. Stiftung Warentest, this design compared to other devices because of its ease of use reached the note well”and was therefore in an excellent position, which were able to bid for only a few other devices. Also with regard to the offer of different driving recommendations, route guidance and the announcement the Garmin section nuvi 1450 T well. Positive is existing battery, which allows the use of up to three hours. Until then it must in the vehicle power again be supplied or loaded at home. This is particularly useful for a flexible use. A deficiency and rather unpleasant at short distances, however, is the long starting time of Navis, which quickly required information makes it difficult. Hardly smears could be observed with regard to the simpler TMC compared to the pro model. More information: Press / Shopping.