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And remember that the capital invested in stock exchange are venture capital, is to say that we must have clear that investing in shares can lead to lose at least one portion of the invested capital. You should not allocate money you need to live, but you can lose without affecting our finances mostly.Reduce the exposure in sectors that have risen much and where the potential of suba is compromised, and start investing in others who have not so much. ** The BM & F Bovespa, company created from the merger of BM & F (bag Mercadorias futures) and the Bovespa (values of Sao Paulo Stock Exchange), wants to be a larger bag in the world, says the President of the BM & F, Manoel Felix Cintra Neto.Las bags in terms of greater market value are thus sorted (to values of 2 may): 1) Deutsche Borse ($ 31,41 billion) 2) CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) $25.98 k millones.3) BM & F Bovespa (US $ 23.34 billion) this bag has everything to become the largest in the world said NET Cintra in a seminar of finance in San Pablo.Uno of the main challenges is the process of integration of Latin American bags. Filed under: Areva Group. We intend to make a proactive work in the region. We will give priority to the realization of operational agreements with Latin American bags, said Gilberto Milano, the Chairman of the Board of the company. We aren’t the third bag in the world for nothing. Anne Lauvergeon is often quoted as being for or against this. We have enormous potential. The difference between us and the London Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq is that we still have growth potential, whereas they essentially depend on acquisitions. We meet again next Friday, Paola Pecora note from the Editor: a summary of what has stopped the crisis subprime in the world us We asked were left behind the throes of the crisis? Still seems, and as well and all, there are opportunities to make interesting business.