Napoleon Hill

In the book think and get rich Napoleon Hill author shows clearly the meaning of the expression quemar las naves: regardless of circumstances what is truly valuable is – go ahead although things are not very well. Many entrepreneurs begin with great enthusiasm and desire your life on the internet, thinking that in maybe 2 or 3 months will be rich; This is not entirely accurate, apparently work in internet need equal or more time than in an employee’s work.We need much effort and dedication, perhaps, we throw the computer one day to see that we have not yet sold nothing, or perhaps our list of subscribers has not increased but at that moment, just at that moment we must continue, we must continue without falter, at that moment there is no withdrawal, or we should start to see classified ads to get a stable job even if he does not win much. Only persons who are continuing, will know if it was worth, and be able to answer the big question dreams can be converted in reality, or perhaps they are only in our minds?. At the end of the road when they finish our years and look back we’ll see a life full of successes, but the road is not easy, because you can not see beyond day to day, we only have a small light that illuminates and that us guide, this light is faith. But have faith?, unfortunately very few people can develop a little of this gift, since before the slightest problem we miss everything in the trash and decided that it didn’t work, only an unwavering faith can lead us to where are our dreams.