Musical Presentation

Objective of the article To explain which softwares (freeware) is necessary for the creation of a DVD of photos, with diverse menu and slides shows (video of photos), and also to explain as it uses them (resumidamente). It makes its assemblies of photos before following the explanations of the article (also to edit photos). 1 Passo: Lowering softwares necessary? Photo Story, program to make videos with photos; DVD Flick, program to record DVD of video; CDBurnerXP, used to record a DVD of dados.2 Passo: To create one slide show with music (or several)? It opens the Photo Story; It adds its photographs (in maximum 300); It adds to the effect and musics of deep (it sees a tutorial one on slideshow); It creates an archive of video in format WMV.3 Passo: To record the video in a media If you intend to twirl the videos in the DVD to player of room: He opens the DVD Flick; He adds the videos created in the Photo Story; He creates a menu (optional); Serious in a virgin media or RW. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Gennette). If you intend to twirl videos only in the computer: It opens the CDBurnerXP; I will choose the option ' ' DVD of dados' ' ; It adds the videos created in the Photo Story; Click in the button to record in virgin media or RW. Now you can twirl the media in a DVD to player of room, in case that you used software DVD Flick, or to twirl direct in the computer, case you you used the CDBurnerXP. Who has a DVD to player that it twirls DivX archives can convert WMV for AVI (codec DivX or Xvid) using software Format Factory..