Multifunctional designer

Every day we are increasingly surrounded by advertising. Without a variety of types of advertising we can not imagine any business or daily life. Alone of a large set of visual advertising – from huge street banners and stands to tiny fliers and business cards. Nowadays, more and more often various types of advertising on the sectional (mobile) advertising medium. Their advantages are obvious. They are very easy to use: quickly assembled and disassembled, easily transported, can be reused with different posters, etc. We offer a wide range of mobile advertising designs for exhibitions, presentations, promotions, registration offices, storefronts, retail outlets, etc.

If you need fast and elegantly arrange an exhibition stand or shop floor, it would be good to see various versions of prefabricated structures for advertisements. Today offers a range of exhibition stands, among them are those already known in the market model as the Jazz, Tango and ROLL-UP stands. They are all made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloys and differ only in a constructive manner. If you plan to install the poster in a corner or a panel of several posters recommended the use of mobile construction Jazz and Tango, the first – More stable, and the second – more compact. If you plan to install signs along the walls, so they take up little space, choose ROLL-UP stands. As for the posters here also offer great prospects for creativity.

For all mobile exhibition stands there is a wide range of materials for posters. This may be a pvc banner paper with double-sided lamination, banner mesh, plastic, fabric. The choice is yours. But perhaps you should not be limited only to visual advertisements. It is not as effective as direct contact promoter with potential customers. Because sometimes you want to "showmanship" and give the buyer to touch, try, consider Racks are made of modern materials and are very easy to use: aluminum frame, countertop laminate, detachable graphic panels with your advertising and Removable frieze, raised on 2 meters above the tabletop. On such a rack can be placed a variety of products for demonstration. Inside the rack is equipped with an extra shelf, where you can place the business papers or printed promotional products. Good addition to the promotional stance will table for talks, made in the same style. Despite the simplicity of forms of mobile structures, they can be used to create different advertising panel, the bulk of installations and other creative solutions. Modulate, create, try!