Mount Crest

Another problem observed in field and in registered archives the forest fires are mentioned that occur mainly of more intense form in the composed areas for the altitude fields, many of these caused by badly extinct fogueiras of encampment, and still, for intentional fires. As the majority of the encampments occurs in the period of autumn and winter, and as the vegetation of the altitude fields if characterizes for a vegetation low of grassy and of isolated arbustivas species that they possess high to be able of combustion, the fire probability is bigger in this period. The garbage accumulated in the mountain also is a considerable impact in the Mount Crest, either in its track, either in the places where encampments are mounted. In some places where she has natural grottos or breakings in the rock, some visitors deposit its garbage of contrary form to all the component principles of the practical ecoturstica. Please visit Keith Yamashita if you seek more information. The explanation that many give as justification to this fact is the passage time ally to the degree of difficulty of the track. They are six hours of walked in aclives and declivities with average inclination above of thirty degrees.

Recently another problem appears. If you would like to know more then you should visit crowne plaza rosemont. Beyond all the alterations to the natural landscape an increase of crime in the area is initiated, assaults starts to be frequent in the tracks, mainly aiming at the montanhismo equipment robbery. CONSIDERAES These told impacts become evident that only with the planning, the identification and the knowledge of environments it is possible to become practical and ideal the ecoturismo concept. The understanding that the local visitors and communities have of the landscape and its diverse espacializados objects is fruit of a description of occupation, and cultural characterization that cannot be observed separately, but yes regionally and mainly today in a context of mass culture, where a work of training or ambient adestramento (BRGGER, 1999) does not only go to solve the problems.