Mexico Migrant

The situation and the conditions of life in which the Mexicans in the United States live migrant are enough interesting ones. By practical aims, we will divide in three areas (politician, social and economic) the style of life of the migrant ones. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. Economically speaking, the migrant ones have managed to progress significantly. As much in income as in labor distribution, the Mexicans have increased their level of entrance and have reached labor positions of greater rank; nevertheless, to comparison of the other ethnic groups, migrant the Mexicans even are underneath the average of level of income. To comparison of the Afro-American Asians and, the migrant ones have lower pays and are few the Latins that occupy executive positions. It is possible to mention that the migrant industralists are concentrate to create and to direct small and medians companies. As well, the banking services of debit and, more recently, credit have remained available for all the migrant ones.

It is important to stand out that, in spite of the conditions disadvantageous, migrant the Mexicans represent a percentage matters of the population at the time of the harvesting of taxes and that, ironically, less receive their benefits; nevertheless, to comparison of the standards of life of the Mexican, a migrant desire approximately 4 times more in the USA than in Mexico. In the end, in spite of the adversities, a migrant one has one better economic position in the USA that the one that it would have in Mexico; additionally, the breach economic between the different ethnic groups has been used excessive respect as they are integrated the new generations of migrant. Two good examples of this are the spending power of the migrant ones and its quality of house, which, over the years, has increased. In the future one hopes that the Latin population is the one that continues maintaining the activities economic working, since they will be those that will replace in good number the present force of work.