Mercedes SLK Tuning Shop

At us you will find you want all around the topic of tuning for your new or older Mercedes SLK a striking unusual SLK-tuning? Then you are right here and can find out about the possibilities. We specialize in tuning article, of course including Mercedes SLK tuning article. We love to design an overall concept for your vehicle. This you can then gradually or only partly fit. You have any idea of how your car can look after the SLK-tuning and will be thrilled. Much almost everything is possible, doable. Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages.

It depends of your wishes and ideas alone. The optics of your Mercedes SLK shall attract attention through a special SLK tuning and high quality. The Mercedes SLK tuning your vehicle is beautiful, fast and striking. You will love the quality and the design. This is our promise to you. Perhaps check out Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala for more information. Whether it’s inside or outside, whether you’re a height-adjustable suspension, Is conversion with springs, another roof module, 3-blades barbecue, chrome roll bar, Angel eye clear glass headlight or other details, we will advise you and your needs. Clearly, the optics can be upgraded through a grill.

3-fin Grill is noble and looks very chic. A top control model for the Vario is practical. Looks good and is also extremely practical. The roof by a single push of a button via remote control can be opened by remote control. Popular and a highlight are the chrome mirror covers and chrome mirror frame. Pimp your lighting with the Angel eye clear glass scheinwerfern and values your tail lights red/black version on. The rear lights are already registered and thus must be no inspection or acceptance. Don’t forget the Interior and revalue them too with the Mercedes SLK tuning. Extremely popular brushed chrome gear knob. However, you can of course also for a shift knob in red or black-silver decide. It is up to you and your taste. It must be finally coherent anything. Just the circuit most commonly used by you in addition to the steering wheel and is thus ideal for a facelift. There are many more tuning parts, which we can list at this point not in the individual and want to cite only a few examples. For a first information we will send you our current catalog you. Or check out our website. Also ever looking offerings, we regularly have in store for you. Of course the tuning can be done the Assembly article also in our House. Our well trained specialized professionals are happy to do this for you. Talk to us, requesting offers. Contact: CHROMETEC. owner: Patrick Grimm in the nine morning 32 97271 small cattle field telephone: 0049 – (0)-9366-981257 email: Internet: