Mentana Claimsoft Gmb

You accompanied your customers competently during the entire project, and beyond. From consulting to installation and configuration and subsequent support. Also in this year, the k + k introduces new and innovative software solutions in the areas of digital files, invoice processing, contract management, and email management. K7 IT-solutions GmbH stands for many years of experience and established solutions in the areas of scanning, payment systems, electronic archive systems, document management, data extraction, and processing. The DMS EXPO addressed among other things the network scanning”K7 – with a solution, the scan data from any Sources (multifunction devices of MFPs, network scanner) in the branch network collects, prepares and delivers precisely and consistently in the respective target systems. claim-Mentana-soft = secure documents – secure communication. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from crowne plaza rosemont. Protect digital documents in the digital age through processing, transport to the proof value obtained long term archiving – task of Mentana Claimsoft GmbH. The main focus is in addition to the de email, email verification and – archiving on the scan signature according to TR-RESISCAN and maintain the proof value signed files by TR ESOR.

With the hash safe in the certificate Mentana works with digital archives and offers consulting to the certification according to TR-RESISCAN. PDO Europe shows BD (BluRay) products by pioneer and Mitsubishi Kagaku media. The optical archive group (OPARG) certifies and monitors the quality of BD products for archiving to ensure a lifetime of at least 50 years. Stand behind OPARG the company pioneer, Mitsubishi Kagaku media, Victor advanced media, as well as many Hardware and software partners. PDO Europe delivers not only BD, UDO and MO products for archiving, but offers also services related to optical storage solutions such as custom packaging and cleaning as well as recovery and recycling. has developed a solution the Reviscan AG for the revision-proof storage, the immutability of data with qualified signatures and timestamps can externally be confirmed according to signature law without leaving commercial data to the computer.