Medical Procedures

He understood himself for ' ' legalized in pronturio' ' , when described or evolved (for the medical team and/or of nursing), in the handbook of the patient, the cause of the attendance at some moment of the internment. The data will be collected through research in handbook in the sector of medical and statistical archive of the related institution and transferred to a collection instrument. Initially the patients with diagnosis of TCE through the informatizado system of the institution will be selected all, providing a general vision of the atendimentos carried through for the service, being later selected the derivatives of accident of I transit. Of the documentary analysis the necessary data for the accomplishment of the research will be removed all. G.E.Corporation may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Registers of information the medical evolution and nursing contained in the handbook of the patient will be considered and the examinations that had eventually been requested.

3.5CRITRIOS FOR INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION OF the CITIZENS So that they can be part of the study carried through in this research, the white population will have to be fit in the following predefined criteria: to have suffered to trauma enceflico skull and this TCE to have happened in result of accident of I transit. 3.6ANLISE OF RISKS AND BENEFITS FOR the STUDIED POPULATION the present study at risk does not import some for the analyzed population, in view of that no experimental procedure or will not be carried through, but will only be analyzed the data contained in medical handbook. The benefits, however, can be enormous, in view of that the population that in it if includes, becoming more easy will become possible to know itself the understanding of the phenomenon in the region, and making possible to the professionals of the area a bigger understanding of the phenomenon and the procedures to be taken, either of preventive form or not. Further details can be found at Crawford Lake Capital, an internet resource.