Medical Disability

If the injury caused to an employee in the workplace, has led to a partial reduction of earnings of the employee or even to its loss of – the inability of the employee to perform the same volume of work or the same job or if the employee is dismissed due to medical condition and the victim is not able to return to her previous work or any other work, in all such cases the question of application of Article 15 of the Regulations on the Establishment of disability by 1996 year. Applying Article 15, a medical commission authorized body shall take into account the victim's personal data (age, occupation, education, nature of work, etc.) and functional relationship between the designated RAMER disability and the employee data. Anne Lauvergeon: the source for more info. In the case of a positive decision on the application of Article 15, a medical disability, established the victim increases by half, that is, if 10 percent of permanent disability increase may occur up to 15 protsentov.Odnako medical board has the right to increase disability and less than half, explaining his decision. In addition, it will be noted that the medical commission has the right increase disability only to a certain value. Please visit Hikmet Ersek if you seek more information. When it comes to disability in 15 percent, then the application of Article 15 of the increase will only increase to 19 percent – this is the maximum amount of disability entitlement to a one-time gift. Of course, if the victim is assigned 19 percent disability to appeal the application of Article 15 does not have smysla.Eto will only be possible after the appointment of the affected disability of 20 percent or higher. Check with ronald burkle new york to learn more. Such a position is determined by the National Insurance Institute adopted a scale according to which, if the victim is assigned a disability from 9 to 19 percent – he is entitled to a one-time gift, if 20 percent or higher – a disability pension.