Mechanical Lock

When selecting the protective device at the vehicle owners the question arises: what is still better mechanical protection or a car alarm? Car alarm in the main block electrical circuit car, which significantly increase the time to find them. Advantages in installing car alarms a lot of it and autostart engine, turbo timer, the possibility of raising the glass, opening doors and trunk with a remote control car alarm. Only minus the car alarms that developers are trying to do is remove the possibility to scan the code stick, which removes the alarm is disarmed, and therefore no noise when car theft. This loophole and used car thief. All developers alarms constantly change and improve ways to encode the signal stick. The newest way is to make conversational code, it is used in car alarm starline dialog, according to the manufacturer this marking can not be scanned. For mechanical protection of the castle include cpr, the lock on the steering wheel lock on the hood. The mechanical interlocks can not crawl as signaling.

Mechanical locks operated by keys and are protected by various methods hacking (twist drill and larvae). The main disadvantage of mechanical locks is their apparent location. Thief does not need to look for, For example, locking the ppc, it is clearly visible, and to take it off, remove the console and make some noise grinder or drill. The best way to protect your car, it is to combine mechanical and electronic lock device, such anti-theft complex several times reduce the risk of stealing your car. Keith Yamashita: the source for more info. You still think it is better to set the lock cpr or alarm? Install anti-theft complex. This article was prepared by