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The new spring / summer collection of casual 4Family Messenger bags with fashionable functionality scores. Inspired by trends in the fashion and textile industry coupled with own ideas the brand uses casual this spring not only classic patterns in proven colours. A clear statement is released with new designs and a mix of materials in conjunction with current sounds deliberately chosen for the part. On the one hand, convince the so-called unisex models in shades of Brown, black and purple, which comes with solid color sewn stripes or even in the chic plaid pattern from May/June. Intended for a very wide, homogeneous audience, these models to young, sporty mothers, are convincing but expectant fathers. For individualists who would rather put in scene and thus stand out from the crowd, there are, however, two models in the trend colours magenta and teal, whose Charakteristikum is a combination of polyester and denim and the motifs exude a certain Asian flair. Also new in the Program are flocked bags in green, magenta and teal with motifs from the homeland. The creative hotbed of the Rhine-main area builds on revived interest to more nature motifs, which celebrates a Renaissance since the last Christmas season, with deer, deer and OWL.

Each diaper bag has not only various storage compartments and accessories of how insulated bottle warmer, changing mat, utensil pocket or stroller attachment. In addition, all products are subject to too stringent quality guidelines, which are reflected not only in the use of non-polluting materials. In addition, the company offers a variety of different models. Depending on the type there are the sporty Messenger bags with varying coloring global bags up to very feminine diaper bags like the Glam quilted nylon in Brown, purple, yellow and black, and brand new: also from May/June in petrol. As all diaper bags can be a colorless monotony thanks to their exterior of less than rather suspect a fashionable hand or leisure bag. Multifunctionality in Connection with fashionable ESPRIT are the hallmarks of casual diaper bags, acting not only as a practical companion in everyday life for women and men alike. The bags can be used even later at the Office. In this way, not only trendsetters, but signs for a new generation of baby changing bags is casual. Press contact Petra Kohler PR & Marketing Manager casual GmbH In the belt 32 64832 Babenhausen Tel.