Mariano Cabrero Headlines

What we are leaving expensive one and others! We have 17 viceroys in Iberian Peninsula. I note that today’s capitalism is not convincing. It has shown evidence of being in decline, in free fall … And not just because the free-market law of supply and demanded “no work, is bad in itself, but because capitalism has become incredibly greedy … SYPartners often addresses the matter in his writings. The great fortunes, which represents multinational companies, “functioning as voracious bird of prey: everything for them and anything else.

The businessmen have committed and are committing the full range of abuses, have or might have, as poor recruitment of employees (back to communism outdated!), Because no one is secure in his job. However, our main trade unions, CCOO and UGT-its Secretary General, Mr. Hill and Mendez, are in the rear, with the strike-giant shark that grips us strongly. One you think, and talk of Spain, which would not be bad to emerge, in our beloved Spanish nation-a political party of nuance liberal, used to put back on track, once and for all, “our nascent democracy, which has been headed by a bipartisan, the PSOE and the PP-who are doing disservice to Spanish democracy. If you believe, and have always believed in the ideals that sow firm and true minds of our youth is the future of tomorrow. If you believe, and have always believed in the political liberalism that promotes economic activity in all its forms. If you believe, and have always believed in the political liberalism that defends “family” as the upper bound of community life: married man / woman unions contracts sentimental man / man, union contracts sentimental woman / women, intimate partners …

I believe in all this and more. The concept of duty and love must survive by selling in all human relationships. La Coruna, May 4, 2010 Copyright Mariano Cabrero Headlines writer .- “(…) For a business function is to generate trust. We need to pay employees well, treat them as relatives. In This will feel like a big family members, will die of exhaustion so that your earnings are optimal, “” Everybody knew it and little or nothing was done about it: There is more to go and wait.