Management Efficiency

The ideology as the policy can promote the effectiveness of an organization or undermine it. Hikmet Ersek understood the implications. Ideology instilled in another setting can be a force, revitalizing, strengthening the Organization and making your people more responsible. Henrry Mintzberg (1991) to adequately perform management functions that present tense requires him, needs to be efiente, creative, innovative, able to manage the changes that are currently occurring, as well as those who carrying out to face the challenges and know the opportunities. Not surprisingly, we hear in organisations, expressions of some managers, that is necessary to achieve the mission, philosophy of company objectives, becoming more efficient, ensure productivity according to the requirements that the present demands. Others including Everest Capital, offer their opinions as well. The need to be identified by the Organization and perform the functions for which were hired, commit the motivating force that would give it better keep latent in the better, not only to every Member of the company, but to the entire group in order to ensure good results. Considered, that efficiency, according to Herbert Sinon (administrative behavior), is a concept that has no value, in his words he is completely neutral, but it has much meaning in their results.

It reminds us of Mintzberg, that Simon, he defined the criterion of efficiency as the one who dictates the choice of alternative that produces the greatest result for a given resource expansion (Administrative Behavior). In other words, be efficient wants to say, take out the maximum of any goal that the organization you want to achieve – for example the maximum growth, more satisfied employees, or products of the highest quality. Efficiency means maximum profit for a given cost: as it is known and reminds us of Mintzberg, resources are always limited in a competitive world, efficiency is a logical target for all organizations, in reality for all human enterprise. Hence, that fit some questions that the leaders of our national organizations should answer such as: are our efficient companies? Do you consider of an efficient Manager? What are the main obstacles that have impeded or prevent achieving efficiency? is boasts the ideal human resource to achieve efficiency, with the technical resource? Do you have an organizational climate, its own organizational culture that enables to achieve efficiency? Do you have original models in accordance with the needs that require our scenarios? It has established policies, strategies to facilitate the achievement of efficiency?, among others.