No need to go to a theme park for being able to live in peace with others, this is possible in the real life if we are aware of a time not good of nothing being in war with brothers fighting over a piece of land, discuss which of our gods is wisest. However this word called discrimination has been a creation of man, it has no raison d ‘ etre, because we are all equal. All were born from the womb of our mother, all we grow, we have cried or laughed once, all we have fallen in love, sometimes also we have been able to get sick, all we’ve angered when we saw our team to lose in television, all we hate the alarm clocks and jams, we all dream to find our other half, have a family, or be rich, ultimatelybe happy; Everybody likes to think there is someone more than us who protect us and who to have as a reference when we lose the meaning of life. Rich and poor, high and low, all us, we’ll go someday this world without bring us nothing, we’ll go as we came with nothing, because it lacks what we have gained materially, you will go really rico will be one who has managed to make this trip getting more smiles to your around, which has learned the most from everyone else, which has had more friends and people always dear to her around. This trip should not be afraid, open arms those who open them we, looking into eyes the person who speaks to us and walk without a plane, because we run the risk of not losing; and above all, without being afraid to all travelers who are in our planet, because like us, they are trying to pass it as best as possible in this trip. Blogs relating the eyes make something rather than see life of a child old VII sample of cinema and human rights opening: the eyes of reading PHENOMENOLOGY Magazine El Emilio, news the worlds of _MoU_ Blog Archive do weren’t all equal international year of rapprochement of cultures 2010? IM the best tutorials web design 2009 One of the other Microsoft launches the first Preview of IE9 look me in the eye: Marion Cotillard Nene and her world! Assure neighbors of different sectors of conception than municipality press indigenous Venezuela: intercultural institutions of .