Literary Archive

Its subject demonstrates the conflict enters the tradition peasant of the place, the buclica nature and the attempt of reconciliation with the letters (deposited in the skull of poet). The reason of a literature ‘ ‘ more fcil’ ‘ waited for the inhabitants. The readers who buy the magazine Literary Archive of Palmares (1893). Therefore, the idea of progress, science and instruction are much more promises that a continuous in the local experience, while the bohemian does not pass of a label to call attention modest literatos. By the same author: Governor Cuomo. Reality premida for the nature of the outskirts of the commercial center and the untiring repetition of the activities peasants who keep in high ‘ ‘ inspirao’ ‘ romantic of the campestre and ingenuous scene, but, inversely, in the acuidade of the bohemians, a true example of the authentic world consists, without hostilities and treacheries that the city and its habits represent. , Thus more important that a tipologia that fits them ‘ ‘ missionaries engajados’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ bohemians nefelibatas’ ‘ , he is inevitable to observe as they recepcionam, they apprehend and they produce ambicionada a literature modern. After all, what he has of mmese of the forms and contents in mission that they intend, is also local invention.

In optimum felt of the word, it folloies the transformations that occur world measure and shape a literalidade of the place (in the idea of the bohemians of the club, thus only connected to the civilization of the progress). One flirts with the distances, mediated for the presence of the symbol purer than the Illustration conclamou: ‘ ‘ It dares to serve you of your reason!