Level Better

Hannah Arendt, one of the women most shining of century XX, explains in its work the origins of the Totalitarianism how the social disintegration is advancing through depoliticisation and the demoralization. " What here it is in game exceeds, on the one hand, the loss of capacity for the political action, central condition of the tyranny, and, on the other, the increase of the meaning deficiency and the loss of the common sense ; what is in game is the loss of the sense search and the necessity of understanding. We know how, under the totalitarian domination, people, although would not experience it like so, was closely together lead of this condition of meaning absence ". Arendt relates how in the concentration camps, through a psychological torment, it was made the prisoners dig holes stops soon to fill up them, with the aim of demonstrating useless and the poor thing that it was its life. uld like to discuss. The revitalisation of the meaning of the existence only can start off, as it indicates Alexander to it Level, from a new form to include/understand the freedom, understood not like absence of bonds or rupture, but, on the contrary, like expression of authentic commitment. Lives that are able to interlace themselves with other liberties to widen their horizons, because it is not in " I solitario" where the human being is realised, but in " nosotros" , that does possible to live the experience to coexist and to share. As he points Vclav Havel: " The birth of an economic and political model better must, today more than ever, to start off of a existential change and moral deeper about the society is which only can happen like expression of a life that it changes. One does not affirm, then, that the introduction of a better system guarantees a better life automatically, but sometimes succeeds indeed the opposite; only with a better life a system can also be constructed mejor".