There are accessories? Predalagay! Settled seller-pro in a huge department store. Accepted on probation and placed in the most sluggish department – say, show what you can do. For lunch, the director goes to showroom and hear: – Oh, you have chosen an excellent hooks. tware Market Size shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We immediately see an expert! And what is your fishing rod? – Common, bamboo … – I can offer you the latest innovation! Fayberglass, lightest folding fishing rod, the latest model of France.

Here take it, try as well in the hand rests. – Beru! – And where you go fishing together? On Klyazma? This weekend promised rain. That’s great Swedish raincoat, not a drop pass … Director returns from lunch, watching – and the counter has the same buyer. He listened: – And your car will pull this motor-boat? You know, if you’re not sure, buy a better SUV. And do think – not the same beat BMW on our rural roads. (A valuable related resource: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala). In the next section are great discounts on jeeps. Let me now you’ll take back, my friend there to help you choose the best SUV.

The seller was gone, returned, the director just ecstatic beats: – Bravo! Well, you’re really a master! Start with a hook and finish and a motor boat Jeep! .. – Do you think the hook? No Way! He asked, in what department you can for my wife ‘Tampax’ for sale. And I said to him: ‘You have the same output lost. Than sitting at home, it is better to go fishing.