King Of History

Better to understand the reason of the difficulty in if making a history of the women, Cardoso and Vainfas affirm that ' ' the scarcity of vestiges concerning the past of the women, produced for proper them consists in one of the great problems faced for historiadores.' ' (CARDOSO and VAINFAS, p 195). In such a way we can perceive some of the barriers that the historians find when they try to make a trajectory of the woman. Cyrus zocdoc helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In an attempt to extend the sources of research, Michelle Perrot it affirms that the particular archives as the daily ones, photos and notations are more generous in information, and that it has a bigger text of contents for construction of a more complete history on the women. Perhaps the WOMAN AS OBJECT OF STUDY OF the HISTORIOGRAFIA Reconhecer the importance of the woman in the development of the societies is the idea that better it expresses the necessity of the introduction and its use as object of study in the historiogrfico field. Since remote times we see that, those that made the use of the writing of history used of preference the masculine community as primary factor of its workmanships, and why not to say of the old civilizations that left the woman as by-product in the social works, in the practical religion and its; each civilization with its ' ' cegueira' ' moral. The woman since before was reason of joke and disdain. In the Jewish culture we find the following conjunct made for a man: ' ' Bendito You are, Perpetual, our God, King of the Universe that you did not make me mulher' ' **. This age the matinal conjunct of the Jewish man, was part of its culture, being reason to thank the God. Already for the Greeks, also the philosophers who had been also influenced by this machista thought, were reason to be thankful the destination for not having been born woman.