Affordable browser-based solution of initPRO GmbH for maximum customer satisfaction significantly minimized costs provides the latest product from the software forge initPRO GmbH of Regensburg: the online tool Repairline optimizes the logistics of repair processes and accelerates the throughput of a defective electronic device from the dealer over the Reparaturdienstleister back to the customer. The complaint of the customer about the receipt of the defective goods, via the forwarding by the commercial service, fault diagnosis, repair and return of goods to the customers through the innovative online tool Repairline all workflows of repair logistics can be captured and optimized. Flexible workflow design and error classification Repairline are characterized by flexibility and the possibility of a detailed categorization of error symptoms and causes. So, any company failure categories can build for his specific workflow or use the templates provided by Repairline. The detailed IRIS code is offered for categorization. A service provider for different manufacturers with different branches of the repair repairs so different workflows may be used for these combinations. So, for example, the repair process of a Toshiba TV can look completely different as notebooks for Toshiba or Apple. Both manufacturers need although the repair is probably much different work steps.

Result from 30 years of experience in the management of repair In the product Repairline has been consistently the experience of almost three decades. “Today as initPRO GmbH independent developers team acted as the same constellation already as Department of Toshiba’s pioneering activities in the field of the repair management: so the Group has until today the browser-based software WebLord initpro developed” to the support and documentation of all repairs of notebooks and other consumer products in whole Europe as well as in the Middle East and Africa. Swarmed by offers, Crawford Lake Capital is currently assessing future choices. Also the company ITRAC familiar since many years on the know-how of initPRO and repaired computer/notebooks, monitors, plasma and LCD screens, as well as solar inverter supported and documented with the specially for ITRAC developed ITRAC OS.