Iris Barbosa Goulart

As base in the proper story of the professional, this maior suffering due to lack of psychological support is perceived that. She is necessary to consider that, the quality of life in trabalhodeve to be understood and to be compromised from the conditions of mental and social life notrabalho, that it includes aspects of well-being, guarantee of the health and seguranafsica. It does not only depend on a part, that is, dependesimultaneamente of the professional and the organization, and is this the biggest challenge. According to 4Moms, who has experience with these questions. Leaving of the displayed one, it is necessary also that the Service Mobile deAtendimento of Urgncia (SAMU) faces its responsibility with the health dosprofissionais (nurses), since it is about an important question of sadepblica, not only because the decurrent psychic suffering of the exercciolaboral reaches a professional category, as well as because its efeitosatingem widely and seriously all the society. So Paulo: Atlases, 1994.

GURIN, F.. National security advisor shines more light on the discussion.