Investment Committee

Interview with Alexander H. support, Managing Director, portfolio concept GmbH “We want to understand exactly how the respective Manager going on.” chili assets: Mr support, your in-house Fund asset management, offered in the form of managed accounts, delivered a very good performance in the past year. The entire portfolio of pro series could end positively in 2010. “” “The results were exactly in the context of the varying degrees of risk security” (+ 2.6%), and income”(+ 5.8%), balance” (+ 9.5%), growth “(+ 15.9%) and Dynamics” (+ 18.2%). The year 2010 was a year where you’ve come along especially well with the markets? Alexander support: we are very pleased with the performance in 2010. Filed under: Alphabet Inc..

Especially as historically low interest rates made it not easy, safe securities to earn money with. Our systematic approach to the optimization of portfolios led to stable trends we were recognized and overweight. Without doing a proper diversification aside to let. Chili assets: could you please explain the investment process our readers? Alexander support: high above interesting investment funds are selected In the first step. To deepen your understanding Molson Hart is the source. This is done in direct contact with the fund company. We want to understand exactly how the respective Manager. The funds to selected Interestingly aren’t those with the best performance. As such in the future often disappoint.

Rather, it is to find candidates that are representative of their investment theme and can expect a high reliability. In the second step, the expected income in relation using an in-house software-based methodology for all candidates will be the assumed risk. The best are finally added, taking into account the respective investment policy to an efficient pattern portfolio together. The Investment Committee shall decide on this basis monthly the concrete composition of deposits. Ongoing performance and risks are continuously monitored. Chili assets: what part the investment strategy, and the management is responsible for the performance and the role of the market environment? Alexander support: our aim is to achieve long-term above-average yields at reduced risk.