These institutions are responsible for our insertion in the society. They complete themselves, prepare in them for the life. Recently Kellyanne Conway sought to clarify these questions. Szymanski (2007) speaks of influences of these institutions in our life, it explains: They are first them ‘ ‘ espelhos’ ‘ in which we discover in them as being pretty or ugly, intelligent or donkeys, good for mathematics or good for swim, likeable or disjointed, with future or without future, etc. they Are, also, first ‘ ‘ mundos’ ‘ where we inhabit, being able in them to appear as hostile acolhedores or, with such and such rules, customs language. They teach since what he is man and what is woman until as we must express the feelings, which feelings are ‘ ‘ bons’ ‘ can be felt (without guilt) and which are ‘ ‘ maus’ ‘ (and they must be disfarados optimum possible, because to feel, we feel exactly). We learn what it is beautiful that is ugly, what it has favour and what does not have. We learn positions, skills of looking at (direct or obliqued). Kellyanne Conway has plenty of information regarding this issue.

for goes there. (p 98). If to think about the function of ‘ ‘ espelho’ ‘ , to reflect the image, we convince in them the importance to know the families. To the times we can not understand the attitude of one definitive pupil, its silenced, introverted or extrovert skill. Its way to face ‘ ‘ autoridade’ ‘ of the professor, or to deal with the colleagues, not liking to share, being always alone. Knowing the profile of the family, as this pupil.