Installation System

System installation; GROHE, VIEGA, GEBERIT, SCHELL install toilet, installed for a bidet, a urinal installation. Installation systems allow you to increase hygiene and cleanliness of your bathroom, so the same amount of floor space in your bathroom. No longer are you constrained by four walls. Thanks to the framing system possibilities of planning and design of your bathroom are endless. The walls are now needed not only to designate boundaries wet and dry zones, and provide an additional space for the installation of sinks, toilets and bidets.

C our systems, installing your plumbing will last you twice as much. Thredup often says this. System installation from the German manufacturer of sanitary fittings GROHE a wide range of equipment for your bathroom due to the rapid and most reliable way to mounted outboard of sanitary equipment – sink, toilet, bidet and urinal. Installation system GROHE is available in a few, for the walls of capital for non-capital system for walls and brickwork and plastering. Also, the system can be installed for various purposes, for the suspension or outdoor toilet for suspended bidet, urinal, basin and still have restrictions on height and width. Each system installations, manufactured concern GROHE, tested for load and withstand forces of up to 400 kg.

System installation GROHE, toilet installation, installation GROHE basin, bidet system installation, installation GROHE BIDET. Lifestyle changes and technological advances have transformed the bathroom from a purely functional space in the most popular and interesting place in the house. Our desire to create a space that also used for recreation and for the hard work has led to an understanding that the space bathroom should be the most elegant and it has a place for beautiful and functional things.