Ingo Vogel Seminars

“The bestselling author Ingo Vogel explains how sellers at sales kick-offs, dealer and association meetings, as a brand, authentic selling trust of customers: as sellers become friends to the brand and customers” is the title of a new lecture, sales trainer and keynote speaker Ingo Vogel, Esslingen/Berlin, has designed specially for the sellers of companies, for a close customer retention a key success factor is. In the lecture, bird explains as the expert on emotional selling, and authentic selling applies, the vendors why in times in which the products are always comparable, the personality of the seller for the sales and sales success is becoming increasingly important. Also he presents them using examples from the sales and distribution of everyday life, how they inspire customers, so these regularly and love to buy from them. This is a central message of the author of the bestseller top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the Top seller”: people like to buy from vendors if they feel comfortable in contact with them and trust them because of their appearance and behaviour. Another key message from bird is: this trust as well as the sympathy or even friendship of their customers win top seller not by applying any seller tricks in customer contact. Rather, their key to success is: you will meet the customers from person to person. In other words, they act neither submissive nor arrogant. They encounter them rather on par as well as they do with their friends. Therefore, feel the customer in contact with them and buy them love and regularly. What it ranging from Small Talk at the beginning of the conversation about the needs up to the end of the contract follows for the different phases of a sales call, explains bird then using examples from the sales or sales everyday life of each sector, as well as the daily work of the present vendor. On request also leads Ingo Vogel Seminars on the subject of authentic selling”in company with.