The entire period of consultation, depending on the magnitude of the problem and objectives requires from 2 weeks to 2 months of individual work (1-2 meetings per week). For comparison, for example, in the case Drama divorce divide, usually requires at least 6 months, and often about 1-2 years to start neutrally perceive what happened. So what is a resource combining astrology with psychotherapy? In the first stage study, the coordination of the client's request, which sets the motion vector, is a goal that we have achieved in the course of our work. After that prepares interpretation of individual birth horoscope. For more information see Hikmet Ersek. For this turns out the date, time and place of birth of the client. The first meeting devoted exclusively to personal acquaintance with the interpretation of the horoscope of birth. Horoscope birth gives the information needed to better understand themselves, their typical reactions to situations call. After all, personal horoscope – is the most accurate psychological test, which allows to understand the features and characteristics of personality, to assess the resources and abilities, understand the features, understand the causes of conflicting reactions and understand the basic aspirations.

When getting acquainted with the horoscope of birth, clients are often amazed at how may know so much about the peculiarities of their lives. Many say that something is tormented them for years suddenly became clear, the important intuitive sense clarified and accepted, we recommend that the direction of motion and ultimately found of support. Horoscope Birth – a description of our features and talents, the recommended scope and direction of evolutionary development, for development by people and came to this world. . (As opposed to Thredup).