His Green

Over 75 percent of Germans say the energy revolution needs role models survey of eco energy supplier Polarstern and the GfK Munich, 07.10.2011 – the season has begun. The private consumption of fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil is soon in full swing. More than 75 percent of all heating systems are based according to official surveys * on one of these two resources. The share of renewable energies in the heat consumption is only 9.5 percent. * its expansion for every third German, one of the three top themes of our time is thus the result of a representative survey * of the independent ecological energy supplier Polarstern and the GRP. Energy transformation is classified even as important as peace, education or the demographic development. “That only a few German Green” heat, is also based on a delusion.

Birgit Holfert know to ecologically sustainable heat, many consumers feared having to invest in a new Heizsystem”, by the Consumer Council energy advice. Effort and Costs deter you. Environmental and climate protection can assisted with a conscious burning behaviour and obtaining 100 percent eco gas from residual materials, as much or even more such as with alternative cookers. Switching to eco gas is easy and the costs are manageable. Source: Steffan Lehnhoff. When compared to the local basic utilities rate, for example, the 100 percent is five to ten percent more expensive eco gas product by Polaris on average.

This is a three person household an average per year fuel as much as once. Our future will be burned up when the days are shorter and colder, have it the Germans like to pleasantly warm. The recommendation of 20 degrees for living room and children’s room is exceeded, often”says Birgit Holfert. Also the radiators are covered by curtains or furniture delivered. This costs so much energy every day.” The environmental interest of the Germans is high.