It does not advance, the SELIC already entered for unconscious collective the national one. It is almost as ' ' the belly of the Ronaldo' ' or ' ' linfoma of ministra' ' , to each meeting of the COPOM alone if it thinks about this: in how much the SELIC will be fixed? The meeting of this week has one gostinho still special. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Central banking (BC) goes to reduce the basic tax of interests (SELIC) for the lesser level of history. Although it is given as certain, the fall will have to be more modest of what if it waited 40 a few days ago, when the Committee of Monetary Politics (Copom) carried through its last meeting. At that moment, the appositive majoritria between the specialists was of low one of 1,5 porcentual point, for 9,75% to the year. Now, the majority waits 1 point and has until who crave 0,75.

The caution gained force, mainly, because the market and the proper BC already obtains to see an improvement tenuous, but consistent, of the economic activity in Brazil Last week the director of Monetary Politics of the BC, Mrio Tors, if congregated with economists of great banks in headquarters of the monetary authority in So Paulo. In the high one of the building of the So Paulo Avenue, it showed, with numbers, that the economy so is not depressed as many imagined and a stronger recovery of the activity must occur in as the semester. One of the examples given by it was the demand. In February, the sales of the retail had increased 1.5% in the comparison with January and had advanced 3.8% in comparison the February of 2008, when it did not have any signal of the crisis. Moreover, analysts call the attention for the tax incentives given by the government, as the reduction of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) for products as refrigerator, stove and cars.