It is when delay of the winter occurs (as sertanejo it calls the station chuvos) or rains very in first months, being the rain insufficience for the following months, as it is occurring in this year, in the Cear. (2010) In both the cases, the cultivated plants are seriously harmed, but they are guaranteed the supplying d' water to the population and the pasture of the cattle. In the case, however of it dries Real, when the precipitations do not reach levels next to the historical average, the prejudice reaches all the sectors, also the human being. The portires of the corrals confide and the cattle is delivers to the proper luck. the families, also.

It is the desolation. If the northeast economy is of desolation, the statistics of only dries manipulates orrores. It does not have gegrafos, economists or materialistic statisticians, when they speak northeast. It feels this when reading the words of a former-president of BNB, one of the men who had spilled sweat and tear, in order to minorar the suffering of this unhappy people: ' ' It dries provokes initially an unemployment crisis. The rain lack or scarcity and the frustration of the plantios, he makes with that the farmers fire its workers, inhabitants, sharecroppers and agregdos, which immediately look job in ' ' fronts of trabalho' ' of emergency, that the Government is obliged to open.

The minifundistas and small agriculturists are, also, led to abandon its lands, when it does not have more possibilities to get harvests. (…) This crisis of unemployment if unchains with great rapidity, being able to have sets of ten or hundreds of thousands of vacated in few semanas' ' (OF THE COAST) 4. Therefore we find justifiable that when somebody finds a sociologist, economist, gegrafo or engineer who work or have worked in distribution compromised to the works of combat to the effect of the droughts, it takes off the hat to it.