But for all this Easter has not come yet. And the personal journey to Golgotha is not over for many. The cross and resurrection for them to come. Oven temptations they still have. And the one who will turn 'twisted soul' from the path of True Life (John 14, 6) and will remain half-baked semi-finished product has not fulfilled its destiny. And those who are firmly set foot on this path, not afraid, the last Court for it will not be terrible.

He goes where he was waiting for. But still ahead – but it is too early, And my heart in my chest has not found his wound to be a confession of love on an equal footing, and a gift to save the Russian language. So it means to live and catch a word stubborn, Soul does not bend in front of each hole, and drive himself further – all right, so right, Yeah right – in the great oven! What you frost – chase your soul There where not all the windows inside and out, let the time pass with the broom of the body – see what in the sleeves there came, That only did not cause! Yes, you can not hide the soul restless awl. So you live – do not grieve, so pull your wire to where the cake – just heat and heat, where everyone, everyone will be light … The place where everyone will be transformed Divine Uncreated light of Tabor. Creative life Bashlacheva, expressed in his poetry, scarlet blossoms of the wound in his heart, his life 'as the truth in a draft', flows out of the hands of the sower in streams' bread with the pain. " Can we call Bashlacheva 'Prophet' or 'preacher' Christ, I can not judge. He was a poet (with a capital letter). Poet – it means the creator ( – Gr.