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Fund concept of ‘growth 1’ corresponds to the needs of investors in the unique form after security and high return Berlin, 26.4.2011. By the same author: Hikmet Ersek. Once Monika Galba had decided the increase of emission capital to more 20 million KG (POC growth 1) as Managing Director of the Berlin House of emission POC energy solutions GmbH due to the rapid placement of POC growth GmbH & co. in March is now with emissions capital of 40 million from placed the POC growth 1. After two and a half months of a proud achievement. We are pleased that our fund concept has been received so positively. Apparently we comply with safety and reasonable returns at a manageable short term fully the desire of investors for”, explains Galba. Currently the Berlin before demand from the sales can save themselves hardly – an obvious sign that the growth fund series, which justifies their economic success to the optimization of producing oil and gas areas, can be very good offer for customers. Contributed to the success of the placement has certainly the message that start the Vorabausschuttungen due to the early completed first phase of optimisation measures of the first acquired sources already to the 1st of April this year, and not only at the beginning of next year.

You are 12 percent per year and are paid out quarterly. All acquired investors receive staggered from one to three the early artist bonus percent due to the rapid placement, depending on the candidate”so Galba. This would be expired April 30. Also several analysts came after appropriate review”of POC’s recent Fund offer, as well as the underlying acquisitions of oil and gas wells very positive words. This is because the Fund concept itself ensure on the one, and the manufacturing on the acquisition of certified sources in Canada, where additional potential (called upside potential) can be achieved. As well, the strategy of cooperation with strong partners: Because with Sproule Associates Limited and the world market leader Schlumberger Canada Limited POC relies on the largest and most experienced market participants in the overall North American and Canadian oil and gas business. For more information,