Georefenciacion Geo

Some examples of types of descriptors: demographic descriptors (age, gender, income level, occupation, level Educational, ethnic origin) (geographical Area of influence of potential clients) geographic descriptors descriptors Geo-Demograficos(Definicion de descriptores demograficos, aplicados areas geograficas especificas) Georefenciacion Geo-Segmentac ion descriptors psychographic (Social class, lifestyle, personality) descriptors of the behavior (as potential buyers behave in relation to the use and purchase of a particular product or service. That make the product or service. Some examples: The potential buyer needs, expressed in terms of: benefits are trying to reach, choice criteria, possible uses of the product or service). When we speak of an analysis of descriptors for enterprise markets, we can refer to items such as: demographics: operational variable Sector, company size, geographic location: applied technology, frequency of use, need to use purchase approach: structure of the purchasing process of purchase, repurchase direct, modified purchasing habits, new purchase situation factors: urgency, specific application, purchase sizes, allocated budgets, competitive situation scenarios. Read more from Andrew Cuomo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The principle of the selection after defining the characteristics of the sieve or system of sieves we are going to use, must continue with the process of using sieve, by passing the material (the elements that compose the market) by this system of sieves. A clear definition of the sieve will allow to obtain the element group (target market) that interest me or the use of a system of multiple sieves, will allow to obtain a series of groups of selected material (segments) differentiated. We can use marketing techniques to cover segments in which the company wants to focus and elaborate offerings of products or specific and differentiated services. To this should be an identification of homogenous segments with clear differentiation, determining the size and potential of the segment. The question that arises is what such specific can be these groups of potential customers?