Generation Companies

The companies that have known to identify with human his recuro, that has paid him the interest, taken care of that these require, will know to use them, of such form, that each member, this motivating not only to belong to the company where serves its, but, that will contribute the ideas to him, creativity necessary to leave ahead, with the guarantee of a organizational climate that show, that the creativity is pronounced and how she, generates action, strategies, plans, that favor the development of the company and innovation cannot follow the traditional management, acting of such form that wastes the talent, human capital of its members, quite the opposite must know how to stimulate them, to invite them to that they indicate his creative potential and they give proposals, solutions not only to the new problems that appear but to develop project according to the requirements of the present scenes. Certain, that the companies Venezuelan, our interest of study, must take step to a proactive managemental style, visionary thing that allows that its human resource declares through each individual innovating the creative potential that the present demand. Today it is necessary to determine the reach, repercussions that the knowledge bequeaths to use the potential of the Creativity and Innovation, as well as to know his reach well clearly, for it remembers to us, both words they go of the hand. Not to forget that the idea that one " organizacin" creative or innovating it has more possibilities of reaching the excellence enjoys universal acceptance, but the certain thing is that actually few organizations manage to translate the theory actually. A serious breach between the process of Generation of Ideas and the implantation of these exists. Of that there is no the smaller doubt, are many the companies that have neglected what represents the creativity, inno0vacin which can generate if management is known to him, the profits that can be reached is added to us, that to adopt creative strategies is a practical necessity in two types of very frequent situations: – Company in crisis situation, is in danger its survival if a new idea is not developed.