Gallery Generation Idea

David Bailey and Terence Donovan, of the Black Trinidad, renovadores of the fashionable English photography in the Fifties and sixty. It made the covers of three discs of Bowie, among them crucial ‘ Aladdin Sane’. In 1979, disappointed and in a starting of meditated fury, it made a bonfire with all their work in the patio of his study. It died in 2010, to the 77 years. To reunite the work of English photographer Brian Duffy (1933-2010) was not easy thing.

Not even it is possible to determine that percentage of their photos has survived. In 1979, in a deception starting and he rages meditated, the visceral artist made a bonfire in the patio of his London study and reduced to ashes the practical totality of his negatives. Years later he confessed that he destroyed his collection, a glance privileged to the social and artistic life of London during three decades – among them the years of the Swinging London -, by simple weariness: ” There was lost the interest. I did not like people and, because of it, I did not like mismo”. Part of the lost work of Duffy it has been managed to recover with patience by means of the cession or the copied one of the original ones that was in the hands of publishers of magazines, publicists, collectors, friendly or individuals. ‘ Visual testimony of a genius of fotografa’ Years ago the Gallery Chris Beetles set out a collection of pictures and works by order. Now it is in Duffy poster: To Visual Record of to Photographic Genius (Duffy: Visual testimony of a genius of the photography), shows programmed by the Gallery Generation Idea of London. The new restrospectiva exhibition presents/displays 160 photos, reunited by Chris Duffy, the son of the artist. All is new copies and has been recovered for the occasion.