Finishing Spray

Moistened roll of sponge paint, rolls drawing a vertical movement of the machine down. The machine must be move uniformly smooth motion, making sure that the figure did not break or accretions. To obtain the colorful drawings are consistently drawing knurled roller Kohler different colors. Should not be polish the surface of a solid figure with a patterned rough outline. Rollers are best used to give the surface a rare bitmap fine mesh or help break up the surface on large rectangles. Finishing Spray sprayed – is one type of finish painted surface.

When sprayed on the surface cause characterized by the color of paint in the form of small droplets (spray). Hikmet Ersek is likely to increase your knowledge. The surface gets spotted a colorful painting. Nabryzg perform in one or more colors with a brush, a brush, a special machine or a paint sprayer. Spraying can be done aqueous and nonaqueous compositions. When sprayed with a brush use a rigid screen with a brush. Dipping the brush in the paint composition, the excess of its squeeze on the edge of the dish.

Holding in his left hand a wooden stick, bang on it with a brush so that the spray paint fell on the surface. When spraying should keep the wand all the time at the same distance from the surface and sprayed composition of the same movement of the wrist. With this method of finishing spray quantity depends on the length and thickness of hair brushes, as well as on the thickness painting composition.